Before Cully was a rapper, he was a plant. A flower perhaps. From a seed sown of inspiration, musical influence, and angst, he grew his colorful petals. The seed was planted at just two days old when he attended his first music festival with his mother and father. An intoxicated onlooker proclaimed him "the smallest baby" they'd ever seen. Developing an early knack for freestyling, he would wax poetic on top of his catholic elementary school playground (which in reality was just a parking lot) about the strife life of a 10 year old. No could really beat box yet so he did it mostly a cappella. Why a pasty 10 year old attending catholic school was remotely talented at freestyling is anyone's guess. Meeting Patio and Sammy V in high school, the boys formed a rap trio. Inuit Rap Productions - later changing their name to Tribe Style - was a hit and their YouTube songs amassed thousands of plays. Cully pursued a degree of "holistic audio creativity" in college and finished with a B.A. in Music Industry in 2017. It was while in university in Upstate New York he met friend and frequent collaborator MC Righteous and joined Professor Joe Pignato's avant-garde jazz troupe Bright Dog Red for two albums on Ropeadope Records. Shortly after graduation he began working in recording studios as a sound engineer, working for two years under record producer Sean Ono Lennon. Cully's latest song Aquafina is a sleeper hit waiting to catch a wave... possibly this summer.



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